We are an OEM of high performance high voltage differential probes, high voltage RF probes, and other related instruments. Our probes are being used around the globe by various companies, government labs, and educational institutions from testing power conversion systems to nuclear research projects. Our recently released DP02, DP03, DP04, DP20 and DP30 probe families are designed to be integrated into systems as well as being used for general lab testing.

     In addition to our standard probes we also provide custom designed probes with fast turnarounds. If you cannot find a probe that fits your testing needs please contact us.

     CIC Research probes offer new and innovative technologies that allow a significant increase in performance over other conventional HV differential probes.  This and other proprietary technologies improve the performance of our probes when used with high common mode slew rate input signals. These probes offer good accuracy along with very low offset voltages.


    A specially designed instrumentation power supply is being used to increase the stability and minimize noise levels.  LVC models offer higher accuracy due to use of low voltage and temperature coefficient internal components.  All probes have a 50 Ω output impedance for properly driving long coaxial cables.  This makes them useful for testing in off-limits work areas which are outside of the main laboratory.

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